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Smardt Innovations

Latest developments from the global leader in oil-free chillers

Smardt introduces new oil-free DC chiller range with integrated power control (iPCM) modules

Smardt’s new DC powered chiller range optimizes DC generation from renewable resources like wind and solar which continue to gain market acceptance globally, as do microgrids, which remove grid resilience as a systemic threat.

The new range directly connects to DC power, avoiding the energy losses and costly equipment normally required for AC/DC conversion. The patent-pending Smardt iPCMTM module integrates each DC chiller package, supplies excess power to the grid as AC and uses the grid’s AC power to backfill when required.

Smardt DC chillers electronic components (including compressors, controls, valves and condenser fans in the air-cooled versions) operate on a DC platform that achieves net chiller efficiency gains of close to 15%.


Minimizing some needs for UPS backup,  Smardt’s DC chiller range provides additional stability and reliability for mission-critical facilities like data centers, hospitals and complex manufacturing facilities where power interruptions can cause millions of dollars in lost profits.

Looking for a retrofit solution?

Smardt has retrofit kits available. These kits allow you to convert an old chiller into a high efficiency oil-free centrifugal chiller. Contact a Smardt Retrofit Solutions expert.

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