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The Smardt team shares more than 25 years' experience working with power electronics, magnetic bearings and oil-free centrifugal chillers.

Pioneer and world leader in high-efficiency oil-free chillers​

Smardt’s founder Roger Richmond-Smith and his technical partner Ron Conry started Turbocor oil-free compressor development in 1993 in Melbourne, Australia. Their team moved to Montreal, Canada, in 2000 to complete this breakthrough technology’s development and its 2003 commercial launch. Turbocor partnered with Danfoss in 2004 when Roger retired to academia in Paris. In 2005, he partnered with the U.K.’s Direct Energy to start Smardt as the world’s first chiller company dedicated solely to high-efficiency lowest-lifetime-cost oil-free centrifugals.

Today, Smardt’s pioneering commitment since 2005 has already dramatically cut global chiller energy consumption and owner operating costs with over 10,000 Smardt chillers now operating. This decarbonization and innovation campaign continues into the long term. 

Company History

Global Management Team

Ashraf Abdalla

Chief Executive Officer

Ashraf joined the Smardt Group in 2020 as Chief Operating Officer, COO and oversees the company’s global business operations across all functions & regions, as well as ensures the company has effective operational procedures and strategic vision.

Ash has over 30 years of experience in the HVAC & R industry in global leadership positions having worked and lived in Europe, North America, and Asia, including leadership positions in operations, commercial, product management, technology, and manufacturing at Johnson Controls, York International, Sauter Automation and Hussmann Refrigeration.

Dr. Guy Phuong

Director of Global Research & Development Programs

Guy joined the TICA Group in March 2020, having over 20 years of experience in turbo-machinery, HVAC, CFD, FEA, and expertise in centrifugal compressors, aerodynamics, simulations, and design optimization. Over the last 20 years, Guy served in leadership roles with Daikin and Trane in the United States. He was Daikin’s engineering manager, and was Daikin’s project manager and lead engineer for all Daikin centrifugal compressor design and development projects.

Guy holds a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from RMIT University, specializing in jet propulsion. Guy also holds a PhD in aerospace engineering from Michigan State University, specializing in turbo-machinery. Among his accomplishments, Guy received an award for the design of the world’s most efficient centrifugal compressor and was also the technical chair of the ASME Process Industries Division Compressor Committee.

Megan Schoonberg

Vice President, Global Risk Management and Legal Affairs

Jean Turquois

Vice President, Business Optimization, Global Strategy and Planning

Feng Kong

Vice President, Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Philippe Rousset

Global Chief Financial Officer

Joe D’Antonio

Global Technical Support Director

Martin Dubois

Global Information Technology Director

Cam Whitelaw

Group Marketing Manager

Caleb Jones

General Manager, Kiltech and Energy Management Consultancy (KEMC)


David Donges

Commercial General Manager

Scott Johnson

Manufacturing General Manager

Asim Ahmed

Service Manager

Joseph Bissi

Engineering Manager

Laurence Raza


Amelie Hanna

HR Manager


Kay Wyrwich

Commercial General Manager

Sebastien Abel

Service Manager

Bruno Welter

Engineering Manager

Christian Richter

Product Manager Data Center Cooling EMEA

Iris Lutz

Chief Financial Officer

Asia Pacific

Simon Peisley

Commercial General Manager, AUS/NZ

Nicholas Young

Manufacturing General Manager

Amir Modirzareh

Engineering Manager

Anish Ahuja



Winston Chow

Commercial General Manager

Anna He

Manufacturing General Manager

Hong Kong SAR

Kenneth Lee

Commercial General Manager

Greater Asia

Ken Lim

Commercial General Manager

Anson Kok

Service Team Manager

Eugene Leong

Regional Tech Support Team Manager

Derek Chan

APAC Data Centre Director

Ayu Sarahasri

Finance Director

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