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The most advanced suite of oil-free centrifugal chillers.

Smardt chillers are 100% oil-free​

0 + installed worldwide

At Smardt, all we do is exclusively oil-free chillers. Nothing else. And manufacturing and supporting oil-free chillers has been our sole business for almost 20 years. So when you rely on Smardt, you’re dealing with the experts in oil-free chiller technology.

Patented chiller innovations​

Technology breakthroughs that deliver performance

Proprietary designs, expertise, and technologies, give our best-selling oil-free centrifugal chillers more consistent performance. Proven for decades with thousands of  Smardt oil-free chillers in operation worldwide.

Lowest total cost of ownership

Slashes your utility bills

Our customers often achieve payback in under two years. Energy efficiency increases. Contamination is virtually eliminated. And maintenance time and labor are significantly reduced, because there’s no lubrication system requiring down-time for inspections or repair. And no expensive metal parts that wear out and need to be replaced. 

Customized solutions

A perfect fit for your application and building

Many custom and compact configurations — narrow, side by side, low profile, and modular options — are available. So your Smardt oil-free chiller can be designed to fit tight spaces and very specific performance parameters.

Advanced features

Takes performance to the next level

A wide range of advanced features enable the Smardt oil-free chiller to be further customized for your specific application. For instance, the Smardt Free Cooling package provides special bypass circuitry, controls, and safeguards. So, you can boost oil-free air-cooled chiller efficiencies with appropriately low ambient temperatures. 

Minimize downtime

Be back up and running in seconds

When a compressor is down, Smardt Fast Restart gets the unit back up and running typically in just 120 seconds or less. In some facilities, chillers must supply chilled water at a temperature close to the ambient temperature. In these applications, our Smardt Lift feature enables a chiller to get better performance and to run at full load with enhanced efficiencies.

Product innovation

The most comprehensive selection of high-performance oil-free chillers.​

The most comprehensive selection of high-performance oil-free chillers.

Air-cooled oil-free chiller


40 to 500 tons

(140-2,1760 kW)

The Smardt air-cooled range offers the smallest footprint, the quietest operation and the highest air-cooled operating efficiencies in its market. Standard Smardt air-cooled chillers are over 70% lower in sound power than a standard screw machine. 

Water-cooled oil-free chiller


350 to 3600 tons

(1,231 kW-12,66 MW)

Smardt’s V-Class range brings new levels of efficiency, reliability and turn-down to the large water-cooled chiller market – now up to 3600 TR (12.6MW)

Water-cooled oil-free chiller


45 to 1600 tons

(211-4,200 kW)

Smardt’s T-Class water-cooled chillers offer class leading performance and are available in a variety of different configurations to suite you project

Evaporatively cooled oil-free chiller


45 to 530 tons

(160-1,860 kW)

The E-Class chiller is Smardt’s adiabatic cooling system. Cross-fluted evaporative pads are situated on the outside of the coils. Separated from the coil surface, these pads are designed to be saturated with treated water, and the pads also provide protection for the coils.

Plant optimization


Plant optimization

 Using pioneering experience with Turbocor oil-free compressor technology, chiller plant thermodynamics, plant design and control, Kiltech’s Central Plant Energy Conversation System (CPECS) ensure end-users get the absolute most out of their plant. 



Special products

With over thirty-five years of experience and expertise, the Smardt Special Products group can help with your unique refrigeration and cooling applications.

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