For over 25 years, Smardt has been recognized as an expert in oil-free technology and has been delivering energy efficient cooling across data centers, hospitals, schools & universities, office buildings and many more.

Discover how we redefine energy efficiency, cooling, and comfort.


Smardt oil-free chillers are operating in hundreds of government installations. Including office buildings and military bases
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Smardt oil-free chillers help pharmaceutical companies maintain efficacy and quality in the medicines they manufacture.
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Naval & marine

Shipboard oil-free chillers are highly reliable, allowing vessels to reduce energy consumption longer. Smardt chillers can
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Office Buildings

Ideal indoor climate ensures high efficiency and a pleasing office environment for managers, support staff, and
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Schools & Universities

Maintains ideal classroom temperatures most conducive to learning. Minimizes greenhouse gas emissions. Reduces energy costs in
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High-efficiency temperature control provides optimal conditions on the factory floor, increasing both productivity and ROI.
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Data Centers

Consistent high-efficiency cooling keeps computers and other electronics operating safely and reliably with minimal down-time.
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Maintains the perfect conditions for every plant in all seasons and weather. Profitability is substantially enhanced.
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Quiet operation, significant energy savings, and exemplary indoor environment for both guests and staff.
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Provides the physical environment required for optimum patient health and quality care and helps optimize the
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