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Revolutionary cooling solutions from Smardt

The global leader in oil-free centrifugal chillers

Smardt, the global leader, offers you the most comprehensive and customizable line of air, water, and evaporatively-cooled oil-free chillers. Advanced features and custom engineering allow us to tailor and optimize our oil-free chillers for all industry and facility needs. So you and your customers stay productive, safe, and comfortable.

Smardt guarantees consistent and reliable oil-free chiller performance. Energy efficiency is 20% to 50% greater than oil-lubricated chillers. Eliminating lubrication systems reduces maintenance costs by 50% or more.  Result: a superior ROI and an improved environmental footprint with no oil contamination.

Latest Smardt innovation.

Smardt’s new DC chiller range delivers oil-free centrifugal efficiency to the growing microgrid sector.

Get the Smardt oil-free chiller advantage

T-Class air-cooled

40 to 500 tons

(140-1760 kW)

V-Class water-cooled

350 to 3,600 tons

(1,231 kW-12,66 MW)

T-Class water-cooled

45 to 1,600 tons

(160-5,625 kW)

E-Class evaporatively-cooled

45 to 530 tons

(160-1,860 kW)

G-Class air-cooled

60 to 350 tons

(211-1,231 kW)


Plant optimization

Smardt oil-free chillers

The intelligent choice for your facilities.

Smardt oil-free centrigufal technology drives chiller system cost savings across the world, probably somwhere near you 

Office Buildings
Data Centres
Schools & Universities
Water cooled oil-free chillers for navy marine
Naval and Marine

Smardt oil-free chillers

The intelligent choice for your facilities.

Smardt boasts the industry’s most comprehensive and customizable product line. That means Smardt can design, build, and install the optimal oil-free chiller—a perfect fit for your building specifications, temperature requirements, application, and industry.

Smardt chillers are 100% oil-free.

At Smardt, we make oil-free chillers. Nothing else. Manufacturing and supporting oil-free chillers has been our sole business for over 25 years. So when you rely on Smardt, you’re dealing with the leading experts in oil-free chiller technology.

Want to rent Smardt chillers?

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