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The world leader in oil-free chiller efficiency

The Smardt Chiller Group was established to maximize the customer benefits of oil-free centrifugal compressor technology in chiller performance. Driving whole life costs of ownership way down, your Smardt chiller saves you money, year after long year, while reducing your carbon footprint and making a major contribution to the future of the planet.

Industries + Applications

Smardt oil-free centrigufal technology drives chiller system cost savings across the world, probably somwhere near you 

Decades of development.
A quantum leap in efficiency.


60 TR to 600 TR

The Smardt air-cooled range offers the smallest footprint, the quietest operation and the highest air-cooled operating efficiencies in its market.

Standard Smardt air-cooled chillers are over 70% lower in sound power than a standard screw machine. Even lower sound levels are deliverable when you need them.

Total cost-value of Smardt chiller products.

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