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Decades of experience

With over thirty-five years of experience and expertise, the Smardt Special Products group can help with your unique refrigeration and cooling applications.


Engineered for extraordinary reliability

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Looking for a retrofit solution?

Smardt has retrofit kits available. These kits allow you to convert an old chiller into a high efficiency oil-free centrifugal chiller. Contact a Smardt Retrofit Solutions expert.

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Smardt moves forward with 2022 AHR Expo plans

Smardt is moving forward with its plans to exhibit at the upcoming AHR Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be the first AHR Expo in two years, and officials with the Expo have announced that the show will indeed go on. Smardt’s booth is N8135 and will be located in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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CPECS Optimization

CPECS results after installation.

CPECS Optimization

CPECS provides true optimization for your chiller system and plant.

CPECS results after installation.

Kiltech offers three levels of CPECS to meet your needs.


Optimize your existing chiller system

Kiltech’s CPECS Model A gives owners and operators insight into their systems’ performance, and how that performance can be optimized.


Central Plant Energy Control System (CPECS) is Kiltech’s system-based approach to provide chiller plant owners and operators ….

The Smardt TA-Class is ideally suited for installations where excessive noise is not permitted at certain times, such as residential neighborhoods at night. The system’s Active Noise Control feature allows you to limit the chiller’s sound output during specific periods of operation.

Status At A Glance

With each CPECS installation, Kiltech engineers build custom graphics that provide a visual snapshot of the actual plant room and system. Plant owners and operators see at a glance accurate representations of their equipment and the actual layout of their equipment, providing an overview of what’s currently running.

TA-Class is an optimal solution for applications requiring quiet, efficient cooling, for office towers, greenhouse facilities and data centers.

Key features and benefits:

An abundance of cost saving measures

Older variable-speed screw chillers require a large footprint on the roof top. They are noisy and energy intensive.

Smardt TA-Class oil-free air-cooled chillers, by comparison are extremely quiet. They are also highly efficient, especially at part load. The result: lower power consumption when running your Smardt chiller.

Most Smardt customers realize immediate saving, with some Smardt installations actually paying for themselves within two years.

Your investment in any Smardt oil-free magnetic bearing chiller provides:

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