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The Smardt Technical Training Course is a three day program designed to equip technicians with the skills and tools necessary to maintain Smardt products. The certification received upon completion of this course authorizes the participants to carry out regular maintenance and basic troubleshooting of Smardt equipment but does not certify them as a third party trainer on Smardt, Kiltech, or Danfoss equipment nor does it grant permission to start Smardt chillers unassisted. Certification will remain valid for a period of 18 months, after which, Smardt reserves the right to require additional advanced or refresher training in order to maintain certification.

Smardt reserves the right to enroll applicants from multiple organizations in any course administered by Smardt and the right to reject applicants or refuse certification at its sole discretion if the contractor or technician pre-requisites listed below are not met.

Computer Pre-Requisites

Participants are required to bring a laptop computer that either runs or can emulate Windows 32 bit Operating System (OS) as well as open PDF and MS Office documents. Please note that Windows 10 has not been tested with any of Smardt’s products yet. Participants must also have access to and be able to operate a mobile internet device when servicing Smardt equipment.

Due not only to current international travel restrictions but also overwhelming demand over the last few years, we are moving our training program to our newly renovated facility in Plattsburgh, NY!

  • Classes will be held for US technicians at our Plattsburgh facility
  • Classes for Canadian technicians will continue to be held at our Montreal facility (on a quarterly basis)


  • $2,600 USD per US trainee
  • $3,380 CAD per Canadian trainee

**Costs associated with travel, accommodations, and transportation are the sole responsibility of the participants.

Cancellation Policy

A cancellation fee of 30% will apply if attendance is cancelled within 30 calendar days of a scheduled course, 60% if cancelled within 14 calendar days, and 100% if cancelled within 7 calendar days or in the case of an absence.
Smardt reserves the right to cancel a scheduled course if enrollment is insufficient. Smardt will provide written notice of its intention to cancel a minimum of two weeks prior to the scheduled course date. Please confirm scheduling with the Service Department prior to making your travel arrangements.

Contractor Pre-Requisites

  • Clean tubes/coils
  • Leak check complete chiller
  • Reclaim chiller refrigerant charge
  • Evacuate chiller below 500 microns
  • Replace compressors/components

Technician Pre-Requisites

  • Documented Education or related work experience (1 of the following 5)
    • Engineering Degree
    • Associates Degree
    • Professional Certificate
    • Trade Papers
    • 5 years minimum experience with Centrifugal chillers
  • Adequate Computer Skills
    • Familiar with Microsoft Windows
    • Familiar with Microsoft Office
    • Able to copy/paste files/folders
    • Able to open, create, and save files
    • Able to capture screen shots
    • Able to download and install software
  • Familiar with basic multimeter functions
    • Measuring resistance
    • Measuring voltage
    • Measuring amperage
    • Measuring milli-amperage
    • Measuring continuity
    • Measuring diodes
    • Measuring capacitance
  • Technician Preferences
    • Ability to read P&ID documents
    • Previous electrical experience/training
    • Previous VFD experience/training
    • Previous controls experience/training

Course Outline

The three day course covers the revolutionary Danfoss (“Turbocor/DTC”) compressor technology, the innovative Kiltech controller, and the energy efficient Smardt chiller family. Each day begins at 8am and lasts for approximately 8.5 hours including a one hour lunch.

Day 1

  • Company overview/technology history
  • Discussion on centrifugal compressors
  • Compressor in-depth
  • Compressor operation
  • Technical literature familiarization
  • Smardt Forms and Procedures

Day 2

  • Kiltech Controller Overview
  • Kiltech controller setup
  • Carel Controller Overview
  • Software installation
  • Data retrieval
  • Chiller component overview
  • Factory tour

Day 3

  • Danfoss TT Compressor Overview
  • Danfoss TT Compressor key features
  • Danfoss Service Monitoring Tool (SMT) Installation
  • Danfoss SMT Overview
  • TT Compressor Troubleshooting

Please download the application form for your country of residence [US] [Canada] and send it to [email protected]

For companies who wish to train groups of 8 or more we can come to your facility to perform the training, this could be a more cost effective way to get more members of your team up to speed with our technology. If you feel that this option may work for you please inquire.

We will get back to you with class dates once we receive your fully completed application. Smardt reserves the right to cancel any training classes or to schedule additional classes as it sees fit.