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Evaporative pre-cooling

Smardt’s range of evaporative chillers (E-Class) is designed to reliably and responsibly deliver high operating efficiencies across extended operating conditions. The E-Class features a purpose-built high-efficiency evaporative condenser that, unlike “wet-pad” alternatives, is designed with harsh environmental conditions in mind.

Oil-free compressor technology

At the core of all Smardt chillers is an oil-free Danfoss Turbocor compressor, featuring magnetic bearing technology. With no oil to compromise heat exchanger performance and no friction losses associated with conventional compressor bearings, Smardt chillers are able to achieve exceptional full- and part-load efficiencies. This ultra high speed technology eliminates up to 99% of compressor induced vibrations and dramatically reduces the sound levels emitted by the chiller.

High efficiency

In addition to its compressor technology, the E-Class utilizes high performance aluminum/copper coils and industry-leading EC fan technology to deliver a highly-efficient refrigeration circuit.

All Smardt chillers use a premium flooded shell and tube heat exchanger which has superior efficiency and reliability to plate and frame or DX heat exchangers.

Purpose-built construction

All Smardt chillers are factory assembled and tested, ensuring chillers have trouble-free start-up and commissioning by the installation contractor. E-Class chillers are delivered to site as a completely assembled, single-piece unit, so there is no requirement for installation contractors to fit evaporative pads, sumps or framing on site.

Corrosion protection

The E-Class condenser has been designed with highly corrosive conditions in mind, utilizing ABS plastic and marine-grade aluminum components as standard.

The standard SBS condenser coils are electrophoretically dipped with proven salt spray resistance exceeding 60000 hours to ASTM B117.
In addition, the wet pads have been sized specifically to limit the face velocity of incoming air to prevent water droplet carry-over – a major risk for potential corrosion.

High ambient operation

The integrated adiabatic cooling system increases the condenser’s effectiveness, reducing the power required by the compressor. This allows the compressor to operate at previously limiting ambient conditions. In some cases, full-load design and capacity selections are available for ambient air temperatures exceeding 50°C, whilst maintaining comparatively high efficiency.

Low water consumption

Unlike a cooling tower, which must evaporate water to shed its entire head load, the E-Class condenser only uses its evaporative system to pre-cool the ambient air before it is drawn across a high efficiency air-cooled coil. This allows the E-Class condenser to automatically switch off its evaporative system during low ambient conditions, while a cooling tower continues to consume water.

Environmentally responsible

All E-Class chillers use R134a refrigerant, which has no ozone-depletion potential, is non-toxic, non-harmful and has no phase-out schedule per the Montreal protocol. Additionally, the vertical wet pad works with gravity to ensure maximum humidification efficiency while preventing water wastage via spray drift or carry-over. Unlike cooling towers, no chemical treatment of condenser water is required, allowing for safe disposal of water when required.

Control system

Proven across years of industry experience in evaporative chiller operation, Smardt’s controller is designed to optimize the performance and capabilities of the E-Class chiller range. Capacity can be turned down to as little as 10% of full-load capacity.


All Smardt chillers include isolation valves on all service-able components as a standard. This allows servicing without pumping down the entire unit, and often can be carried out while the chiller runs. Service and maintenance access to E-Class chillers is provided without the need to remove wet pads each time.

Reliability and redundancy

The E-Class features a sectional condenser design which offers unrivalled redundancy of serviceable components and allows routine maintenance tasks to be performed on individual modules while the chiller remains operational. The sectional condenser design allows for a range of different efficiency options based on job location, application and critical operating environment.
On multiple-compressor models, mechanical and electrical isolation provides significant redundancy and failsafes. In the event of a compressor outage, Smardt’s controller will automatically adjust its logic to continue serving the chilled water load with the remaining available compressors.

Should that compressor require servicing, it can be quickly and easily isolated, even removed, without stopping the chiller.

Electrical terminals, compressors, valves and critical system items are not exposed to humid, pre-cooled condenser airflow.