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Smardt’s Kiltech controller is very user-friendly, highly intuitive and allows optimization of both single compressor operation and multiple compressor operation while enabling a rich array of communication options.

Smardt's Kiltech controller offers the most comprehensive range of diagnostics while also allowing real-time trending.

The compressor’s onboard digital controller proactively manages compressor operation while allowing external control and web-enabled monitoring of performance and reliability information.

The Group’s world-wide installation experience has been used to generate the state-of-the-art controls software that is used to maximize operating efficiencies and minimize maintenance and operating costs.

This system provides several access levels for plant operators and commissioning, and offers a wide variety of options for flexible operation and optimization of power consumption, maximizing operation at compressor sweet spots.

Smardt chiller controllers have been developed from the ground up using primary compressor performance maps, maximizing the performance potential within these, then optimizing the whole chiller’s operation to minimize energy consumption.