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Smardt product support is our team of individuals who can support questions regarding existing and new chiller installations. Factory direct phone and email support for the US is divided into two regions, East and West.

All emails can be sent to [email protected]. Phone: 514 683 5585

For direct contact to individuals responsible for your region:

East Region Scott Johnson [email protected] 514 426 8989 x636 514 245 2560
West Region Gregory Oganesian [email protected] 514 426 8989 x240  

For questions relating to start up for new chillers or retrofits

East Region Corey Anson [email protected] 480 433 2437
East Region Lani Spencer [email protected] 850 619 4880
West Region James Bottoms [email protected] 661 565 3199  
West Region Raymond Jacobus [email protected] 818 378 1931  

Please send all incident reports for either new chillers or SRS to

Both Regions   [email protected]    

For non-warranty and spare parts orders

Both Regions   [email protected]    
Both Regions   [email protected]    

For questions concerning how to order, and delivery of parts

All Regions Sonja Wittemann [email protected] 514 426 8989 x651  

In addition to our factory direct product support, Smardt has recently launched a program of Smardt Authorized Service Contractors. These contractors are assigned by state and are the recommended companies by Smardt to perform independent after market maintenance, start up and commissioning. Smardt may use other trained contractors at a factory supervised level to perform similar tasks, but the contractors listed below have reached our highest level of certification; have demonstrated long term commitment to maintaining a staff of highly qualified technicians dedicated to Smardt Chiller service and have significant experience working on Smardt Chillers. Due to that criteria and the recognition that these contractors can work independent of Smardt supervision, we have a limited number of authorized service contractors at this time and will be working to expand our coverage of this network. Currently our SASC network includes the following companies:


Phoenix Digital Controls Inc
D R Digital Controls
1520 W. Loughlin Drive
602-377-5711~Fax: 480-786-9013


60 K Street
South Boston, MA 02127-1609
Contact – Ray Morin


EMCOR New England Mechanical Services Inc.
30 Lindeman Drive
Trumbull, CT
Office: 1-203-396-5959


EMCOR Services Betlem

Tower Enterprises of NY
150 West 36th Street
New York, NY 10018


W.W. GAY Mechanical Contractors
524 Stockton Street
Jacksonville, FL
904 394 7211


University Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
11611 49th Place West
Mukilteo, WA

Below is a link to SMARDT's Quick Support tool. This application will enable a qualified SMARDT support technician to view the user's computer screen and help troubleshoot SMARDT chiller performance issues.