North America

All Smardt chillers are ETL-listed. Electrical safety for the life of the chiller is a fundamental requirement throughout the company.

Their energy efficiency performance is certified according to AHRI standard 500/590, as is confirmed by AHRI on its website The IPLV performance of Smardt chillers always exceeds minimum levels set out by ASHRAE standard 90.1, CSA 743, Eurovent, Australia’s MEPS and others, usually by a very considerable margin.

Smardt, in company with the majority of the HVACR industry’s leading engineers, considers the use of full load energy efficiencies to predict any chiller’s actual year-round energy-efficiency under US comfort-cooling conditions to be totally misleading, and therefore discourages the use of them.

Smardt evaporators and condensers naturally conform to the ASME pressure vessel codes.

Witness tests can be arranged on appropriate notice and for an appropriate fee on Smardt’s ARI-certified test stand in Bayswater North, Melbourne.