North America

Oil-free centrifugal compressor technology boosts energy efficiency, cuts operating costs and is now well-proven worldwide.

Smardt oil-free centrifugal compressors use magnetic bearings and variable-speed drive to deliver a quantum leap in IPLV efficiencies compared with conventional oil-lubricated centrifugal, reciprocating, scroll and screw compressors.

The totally oil-free Turbocor technology achieves the highest part-load efficiencies for chillers and chilled water systems (including water-, air- and evaporatively-cooled applications).

Proprietary magnetic bearings replace conventional oil-lubricated bearings, eliminating high friction losses, mechanical wear and high-maintenance oil management systems to deliver chiller energy savings of 35 percent and more over conventional chillers while ensuring long-term reliability.

Turbocor’s one main moving part (rotor shaft and impellers) is levitated during rotation by a digitally controlled magnetic bearing system. Position sensors at each magnetic bearing provide real-time feedback to the bearing control system, 120 times each revolution, ensuring constantly centered rotation.
High-speed variable-frequency operation affords outstanding part-load efficiency, compactness and extraordinary soft-start capacity. An inlet guide vane assembly trims low-load capacity and is digitally integrated with the variable-speed control to optimize energy efficiency and compressor performance throughout the full range of load and temperature conditions.
The compressor’s onboard digital controller proactively manages compressor operation while allowing external control and web-enabled monitoring of performance and reliability information.

HFC-134a refrigerant cools electronic and electromechanical components to assure maximum efficiency and safe operation.

Very low sound and vibration levels eliminate the need for expensive attenuation.

As this comparative study showed, over 20% of a lubricated chiller’s operating efficiency can be routinely lost in its early years as a result of oil clogging of heat transfer surfaces. No oil means no such problem.

The well-known ASHRAE study (Research Project 751) concluded that typical lubricated chiller circuits show reductions in design heat transfer efficiency of 15-25%, as lubricant accumulates on heat transfer surfaces, denatures and blocks normal thermodynamic transfer processes. Logically, no oil in your chiller means no oil contamination over time, so design efficiency is maintained effortlessly.

Smardt chillers optimize the benefits of the revolutionary Turbocor oil-free centrifugal technology. Above, the TT300 compressor delivers 60 to 90 TR while the TT400 delivers 120 to 150 TR and the TT500 delivers over 200TR.

Advanced electronics mean that mechanical forces can be managed with extraordinary tolerances, achieving very high reliability. Not a surprise, when shaft position is automatically measured and adjusted 120 times per revolution.