North America

Evaporatively-cooled chiller range – 200 kW to 1320 kW

Smardt’s range of E Class evaporative chillers is designed to reliably and responsibly deliver high operating efficiencies across extended operating conditions. It features a purpose-built high-efficiency evaporative condenser that, unlike “wet-pad” alternatives, is designed with harsh environmental conditions in-mind..

High Ambient Operation
The integrated adiabatic cooling system increases the condenser's effectiveness, reducing the power required by the compressor. This allows the compressor to operate at previously limiting ambient conditions. In some cases, full load design and capacity selections are available for ambient air temperatures exceeding 50°C, whilst maintaining comparitively high efficiency.

High Efficiency
In addition to its compressor technology, the E Class utilizes high performance aluminum/copper coils and industryleading EC fan technology to deliver a highly-efficient refrigeration circuit. All Smardt chillers use a premium flooded shell and tube heat exchanger which has superior efficiency and reliability to plate and frame or DX heat exchangers.

Standard E-Class features include marine grade aluminium fixings and plastic sumps,SBS 600hrs Salt Spray coils, enhancing the high-efficiency operating life of the total chiller unit.