North America

The goal for CPECS is simple, provide optimisation in a transparent, easy to configure, easy to use and easy to understand form, removing the myth that optimisation must be provided in a ‘black box’. These goals are achievable for every project, through advanced software, effective documentation and client interaction. CPECS utilises an open protocol optimisation method termed ‘Brute Force Optimisation’ (BFO) that is equipment model driven. BFO aims to find the chiller, pump and cooling tower sequencing combinations, flow rates, set-points and load limits that will return the lowest possible power usage possible to deliver the required load-side conditions, such as pressure and flow.

Integration CPECS is designed to provide quick integration utilising standard automation communication protocols, and is completely brand agnostic.
CPECS can integrate with almost any plant configuration, including;
• Variable Primary
• Primary / Secondary
• All Variable Speed Systems
• Constant Speed Systems
• Combination of Constant / Variable Speed Systems Customised solutions are also available on simple to complex systems, please contact Smardt for more detail.

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