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The Smardt Chiller Group – the merged Smardt and PowerPax operations worldwide - has since 1999 been developed to maximize the chiller operating efficiencies of the Turbocor oil-free centrifugal compressor technology.

The Smardt and PowerPax teams, many members with long experience actually developing the technology at Turbocor, came together in 2005 to engineer the world's widest range of water-cooled and air-cooled oil-free centrifugal chillers.

Operating energy savings are extraordinary, to many industry observers – but totally in-line with the range’s tight engineering specifications. All use flooded shell-and-tube evaporators with a 1 deg. K approach. All use shell-and-tube condensers, in water-cooled versions, and high-efficiency coils in the air-cooled range. And all use the outstanding Kiltech controller or the advanced PowerPax controls software to fully harness the extraordinary capacities of the compressor technology.

Smardt’s Compact Modular chiller range – specifically designed to move through standard elevators and standard doors to sites where access is difficult or even “impossible”- come together to provide similar IPLV efficiencies. At one major fully-tenanted site in Toronto, this range was used to change out the whole 400 TR chiller capability, literally within a few days of a major equipment breakdown.

Powerpax, established in 1999,  is Australia's only manufacturer of commercial and industrial water cooled and air cooled chillers and direct expansion condensing units.

Powerpax, established in 1999, is Australia's only manufacturer of commercial and industrial water cooled and air cooled chillers and direct expansion condensing units.

These are supplied to air conditioning and process cooling markets throughout Asian markets - from China to Australia and New Zealand.

Since 1999, the PowerPax goal has been simple: develop a chiller range which offers the highest year-round (IPLV) efficiencies in the world and hence the lowest lifetime operating costs – that is, the lowest overall cost of ownership.

Working with the Turbocor technology longer than any other HVAC manufacturer in the world, the Smardt Chiller Group has developed a lead in performance and reliability which translates into major benefits for owners – and the environment.

Across the world, the Smardt Chiller Group now has over 2000 installations and continues to maintain its volume lead in this revolutionary centrifugal technology.

Smardt-PowerPax is the only Danfoss Turbocor certified training partner in the southern hemisphere, certified to offer factory training on the compressor technology.

The Smardt 1230 kW water cooled chiller installed at the Sears mall at Halifax, Nova Scotia has been delivering reliable energy savings since the day it was commissioned.